Mobile app, weather + art presentation

The goal of Klima is to connect people with relatable visual art on a daily basis

klima weather x art comparison


Mobile app, weather + art presentation

The goal of Klima is to connect people with relatable visual art on a daily basis.

There are plenty of digitalized art collections around the world, that are left undiscovered.

Klima aims to be a new channel for discovery and dissemination of these collections in personal and relatable manner.

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What is the global and immediate phenomenon that everybody can relate to?

Weather and art both leave an emotional impact on us. Thus a link between immediate forces of nature and artificial yet emotional can be established. Klima considers user’s local weather and matches it with an artwork with a matching weather tag.

Who assigns the weather tags to artworks?

After the user is shown an artwork. He is offered an option to vote whether the artwork displayed on his device fits his current weather experience.

If he decides that they match, the current weather-artwork relationship is consolidated.

If they don’t match, the current weather-artwork relationship is weakened and the user is asked to choose a better fitting tag for the artwork.

The tag, which was voted the most would be used.

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    1. A weather-artwork relationship is displayed User receives a new artwork whenever the surrounding weather changes. External link to the collection and the artwork itself is provided below the artwork.
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    2. Relationship match is picked. If the user finds the weather-artwork relationship fitting, he can approve of it.
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    3. The current tag is consolidated Once the relationship is consolidated, it would take more votes to change the weather tag for this artwork.

How much symbolic information about the weather is needed?

Only rudimentary weather information is provided on the user's screen – just enough to judge the relationship between the artwork displayed and user's local weather. Apart from comparing the relationship on the screen, a look from one's window is also another viable option to make the judgement.

Basic information about the weather also makes the app a useful and lightweight alternative to popular weather apps.

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    1. Relationship mismatch is picked If the user doesn’t find the relationship fitting, his vote will weaken the current tag. After that, the user will be given an option to choose a more fitting tag to the artwork.
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    2. The tag is weakened
  • triptych image 3
    3. The more fitting tag is picked A tag with the most upvotes determines which weather is the artwork most connected to.

Role in team

Klima is a result of a team collaboration during Slovak National Gallery Hackathon 2016 where it won a prize for the best prototype.

My task on this project was the idea development, design of the app’s structure and its user interface.

As of Q2 2017 the app is in active development.

Klima team
Incomplete SNG hackathon 2016 team