Colours of Ostrava trailer 
Motion graphics

Colours of Ostrava trailer

Motion graphics

Colours of Ostrava is Czech music festival intended for every culture, race, religion or musical taste. My trailer portrays this intention by taking the spectator through landscapes of various colours, heights and depths.

These landscapes are based on Earth’s landscapes, especially the elevation of certain regions, yet they by no means are reminiscent of Earth.

This sense of detachment from things known in concert with music provides sense of mystery, which by some can be considered attractive.

  • colours triptych image 1
  • colours triptych image 2
  • colours triptych image 3

The process

Using the data from NASA's SRTM mission2  I created the 3D landscapes in Processing. I took the same data and created colorful textures, applied them to the landscapes, and rendered the result in Blender.

colours of ostrava process